OYE Fuifnummers – It Began In Italy – 2019

There are many treasures in the Fuifnummers edits compilations of Berlin-based record store OYE (it means “party starters” in Dutch). In number 11, Belgian producer Gratts was inspired with Italo sounds. On the A side, “Kijk Uit” is a playful edit of Italo classic “Watch Out” by Doctor’s Cat. “It Began In Italy” on the B-Side is slowly building until the release of Chicco Secci’s “Whip Of The Rhythm” distinctive synths, which will make you dance without you realizing.
Bonus: the purple splattered vinyl is also quite a beauty.

Discogs : https://www.discogs.com/Various-Fuifnummers/release/13282310

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