Ntombi Ndaba – Mina Ngilijaji – 1988

Ntombi Ndaba is one of the key figures of South African Bubblegum. In addition to her standout voice, she was talented in songwriting, mixing English and her native Zulu in some of her songs. Mina Ngilijaji (“I am the judge”) has a courageous and empowering message claiming her independence as an artist and a woman.
Thanks to the success of the reissue of “Tomorrow” on Afrosynth records in 2018, she is touring again after 30 years away from the spotlight and she will soon be performing at the amazing festival Lente Kabinet this year.

Discogs (original): https://www.discogs.com/Ntombi-Ndaba-Mina-Ngilijaji/release/9963101
Discogs (reissue): https://www.discogs.com/Ntombi-Ndaba-Tomorrow/release/11584965

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