Parbleu – Pas De Saints Au Paradis – 2020

As 2020 is coming to an end, music reviews for the year’s best music are swirling everywhere. It has actually been a decent year for music discovery and I consider “Dance cette zik” by the a newly-formed trio Parbleu as the most praiseworthy breakthrough. The mix of Afro-Beat, Caribbean sounds, French Lyrics and Neapolitan Disco boogie works like a charm in the album, and particularly in “Pas De Saints Au Paradis”. I still marvel at the beauty of the instrumental solo around 4.00 after hearing this song many many times 💛
This album is also a fine example of the incredible music creativity bursting in Naples over the last years. It was recorded in West Hill Studio and released on Periodica Records, both created and managed by the Mystic Jungle crew, which I’ve introduced here.


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