Cyclone – Beautiful Minds – 1991

Fueled by the second Summer of Love in 1988-1989, the UK was an incredibly creative place for Electronic music in the early 90’s. The omnipresent rave parties saw the momentum of diverse styles: Acid House, Breakbeat, Early Techno, Bleep…
A few really talented House producers have started to pop around this time as well, providing disco-sampled & keys-led songs that would please the crowd when the sunset comes. A noticeable producer in that regard is Geoff Hibbert who made several party anthems of this period. Chances are you will have already heard his popular hit Break Of Dawn under his alias Rhythm On The Loose, but Love & Happiness (using the recognizable same sample as No Good from The Prodigy) and Beautiful Minds under his alias Cyclone deserve as much recognition. The song building and crescendo around 4.00 of Beautiful Minds always blows my mind to the stratosphere 🚀

Let’s hope for a third Summer of Love in 2021 when we will all be able to party together, if not, then in 2022!


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