Pharoah | Fall – 2021

2021 starts on a bright note with this striking tribute to the prodigious tenor saxophonist Farrell ‘Pharoah’ Sanders. It takes us on a majestic journey with an artful mix of footages and landscapes that matches perfectly the selection of the many masterpieces that Pharoah created in his extensive music career (he recently turned 80 and is still performing). The video is accompanied by the delicate voice of Norwegian Brazilian jazz singer Charlotte Dos Santos that magnifies the moving lyrics taken from some of Pharoah’s songs (the intro is from “Colors“). Her remembrance of the first time listening to Pharoah Sanders is a particularly touching moment. Having discovered Pharoah’s music recently, I remember vividly a similar experience the first time I’ve heard “You’Ve Got To Have Freedom“, a personal revelation which gave me a whole new perspective to Jazz.

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