Jams & Gems Session @ Blaes

A personal highlight of 2022 was my vinyl session at Blaes in Liège (Belgium), which represents nicely the music variety of Jams & Gems with a mix of smooth Jazz, groovy funk and infectious latin rhythms. It contains many favorites of mine but “Yebo Ebi Pachanga” (played around 1h20) is particularly worth to mention. In fact, the whole compilation “Estrellas” by French Beatmaker & DJ Guts is truly remarkable! Assembling more than 30 Cuban, French and African musicians in Dakar, Guts orchestrated a revival of several Afro-Cuban classics and created new original songs mingling traditional and modern genres, as well as languages. The beautiful ending of the compilation “Une madre : Africa, un idioma: Musica” (“A mother: Africa, a language: Music”) says it all.

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