Band Of Jocks – Let’s All Dance (Instrumental Version) – 1983

The instrumental version in Italo releases is often the one that stands the test of time, and this one is no exception. Band of Jocks made goofy music dressed as the Blues Brothers, but they sure seem to have good time doing so. You get this feeling by listening to “Let’s All Dance”, a feel good song that tastes like an Italian summer by the sea 🏖


Ntombi Ndaba – Mina Ngilijaji – 1988

Ntombi Ndaba is one of the key figures of South African Bubblegum. In addition to her standout voice, she was talented in songwriting, mixing English and her native Zulu in some of her songs. Mina Ngilijaji (“I am the judge”) has a courageous and empowering message claiming her independence as an artist and a woman.
Thanks to the success of the reissue of “Tomorrow” on Afrosynth records in 2018, she is touring again after 30 years away from the spotlight and she will soon be performing at the amazing festival Lente Kabinet this year.

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Surfing In Kansas – Another Cigarette – 2019

When it’s Friday and you’ve been good all week, playing “Another Cigarette” might make you do things you’ll regret the next day, but you will certainly have a good time 🚬🥂
This groovy edit was made by Abel Nagengast for the first release of Surfing In Kansas, a compilation series launched by Red Light Records last year.


Codazzi feat. Rago & Farina – With You – 2017

Legendary producers Franco Rago and Gigi Farina were behind many masterpieces of the Italo Disco era under their multiple aliases : ‘Lectric Workers, Expansives, Atelier Folie, Cariocas, Wanexa, Decadance, Pleasure Disciple… They lead the way to contemporary producers like Codazzi who emphasised 1982’s original “Life With You” made by the Expansives. This song was released in the compilation linked to the great documentary “Italo Disco Legacy” in 2017.


OYE Fuifnummers – It Began In Italy – 2019

There are many treasures in the Fuifnummers edits compilations of Berlin-based record store OYE (it means “party starters” in Dutch). In number 11, Belgian producer Gratts was inspired with Italo sounds. On the A side, “Kijk Uit” is a playful edit of Italo classic “Watch Out” by Doctor’s Cat. “It Began In Italy” on the B-Side is slowly building until the release of Chicco Secci’s “Whip Of The Rhythm” distinctive synths, which will make you dance without you realizing.
Bonus: the purple splattered vinyl is also quite a beauty.

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Peter M – Let’s Go Dancing – 1985

Amazing song from one of my favourite Bubblegum album, discovered thanks to the legendary DJ Okapi and its Afrosynth Blog. It is a perfect representation of the essence of Bubblegum music, a fine blending of American influences of Funk / Disco and African rhythmics. Sadly, Peter M shared the same fate than many Bubblegum bands, being instant hits but also discarded as quickly (which partly explained why the music was called “Bubblegum”). Thus, it is very difficult to find the album today.

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